Regnum Siciliae

Our Story begins in Sicily in the year 1409 and continues up to 1774, under the regime of the various lords who ruled it. The native viceroys loved the opulence of sicilian cuisine. The Viceroys’ period is remebered as an happy moment, and the alternating ruling dynasties that came along helped the developement of this wonderful land. The ancient royalty was the undisputed protagonist of the island, with the elegance and taste of its manors, making a symbol out of class and hospitality; the food brightened the imperial meals inside the halls and dinner rooms of the Lords. Matchless tastes mixed with the splendor of the manors, grace and harmony ruling together with the vibrancy of the food that, even today, enhance the tradition of the most noble sicilian cooking. Hundreds where the dishes that decorated the imperial table, so much so that no one could ever satisfy its curiosity and taste every last one of such splendid delicacies.

It’s that very same memory, the same emotions, the same tastes that I now want to give to the most refined gourmet. I want to bring back the noble culinary world of my island through the dishes that live on in the old recipes. I want to present you elegant tables and make you taste the good old Sicily, its ancient wonderful history, its traditions, its charming culture and its incredible beauty. The charm to build and relieve history thanks to the treasured scrolls that I hold dear as if they were relics: the recipes of Monzù and his secret, belonging to my noble family lineage. The memory, the values, the ispiration that Viceré Sicily gives through the use of taste and refinement of its products. I present to you some of the foods worthy of the Viceroys, real delicacies that can be brought to the table only by someone with passion, love and welcoming spirit, in order to turn every serving in a unique experience, for you and your guests.

Guendalina Lopes

Founder & CEO
Viceré Sicily



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