Why Viceré

Taste and tradition are the main fundation of Viceré Sicily, values that help enhance the virtues of the noble viceroys of the past. The company offers to its clients a wide range of priceless products, made by following the moast ancient traditions of our rich Sicily. I still guard the ancient recipes of my products. The fruits of this labor are our precious jams, our wonderful pastries and in our liquors, fully representing every nook and cranny of my island, even through the refined packages. Viceré Sicily offers handmade products of the highest quality, in full compliance of the old recipes. Precious luxury boxes are designed with care and carry the almond pastries inside, the oldest pastry in sicilian culture, just as the Martorana fruit, a delicious sweet pastry made originally in a palermitan monastery of the Martorana and only with top ingredients.

Sicilian Superior Delicatessen

Viceré Sicily is a top-tier brand thank to the highest quality of the raw ingredients, skillfully prepared by expert local artisans, in full order of the ancient sicilian tradition: the Monzù. Viceré Sicily products have a unique taste, completely handmade and still bearing the flavour of the times of old. The scorzette still save the intense flair and aroma of Sicily’s citrus, the Viceré Sicily chocolates are made with the real chocolate from our land. The original recipes take form thanks to skillfull masters of the taste, before reaching the table. Gourmets will be able to create, with Viceré Sicily, wonderful delicacies for their guests. Almond pastries, zests, Martorana fruit and fine chocolates are presented in elegant packages, making them a sublime gift for any event. The fragrance and taste of Viceré live again in timeless products.

The Values of Viceré Sicily

Quality for the raw ingredients and respect for our tradition are just some of the values that qualifies my work. Viceré Sicily also grants the origin of the products. Respecting the environment and health, the company doesn’t use any chemicals nor preservatives, and each product is made according to the original handmade method.


Royalty is excellence and magnificence, the real essence of the soul.


The importance of presenting delicacies inside elegant packages finely made.


Quality is our philosphy, expression seen in every product we make.

Top-Notch Raw Ingredients

Viceré Sicily only uses raw ingredients coming from the land; almonds from Avola called “pizzuta” for the pastries, Sicily citrus for the jams, liquors and for the exquisite zests, the prized Pistacchio di Bronte, called “The green gold, they are all worldwide ingredients found only local. I meticulously check every step of the road, from the choice in ingredients through the transformation, until they become Viceré Sicily products.

The packaging

The excellence of Viceré Sicily products can only be guarded inside precious chests, exclusive royal packages handmade with sublime parchments, with skills that well recall the glorious renaissance time of my land. The aristocracy lives in the Viceré Sicily Luxury Box, in order to give voice to the emotions, to send my tradition and to tell once again about the passion, the art and the originality, exclusive symbols of Vicerè Sicily.

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