The fresh delicacies of Vicereoys

The delights of the Viceroys are the typical Sicilian products of the ancient pastry art, which still retain the very high quality of the past appreciated throughout the world. Viceré Sicily has taken a journey through Sicilian popular cuisine, to give you the excellence of our land. The meeting of ancient recipes, the passion for the ancient aristocratic world meet beautifully in the almond paste, in the peel , in the Martorana fruit and in the very fine chocolates. The almond paste is produced with an artisanal method, following the ancient recipes of vintage cooks: the Monzù. Avola almond called “pizzuta”, pistachio from Bronte, the green gold of Sicily, and citrus fruits such as Sicilian lemons and oranges are the original ingredients used in the making of Viceré products. The very famous Sicilian citrus peel undergoes a manufacturing process born in the Baroque era, to preserve its delicate properties. Viceré Sicily peels can be enjoyed on any occasion, they have a low percentage of sugar, and the citrus fruits used in their production grow on the slopes of Etna. Martorana fruit, produced as early in the early 1100s by the nuns of the Benedictine Monastery of Palermo dedicated to the noblewoman Eloisa Martorana, it is proposed by Viceré Sicily in over forty variations of Sicilian fruits. Viceré Sicily chocolates are born from a long and ancient tradition. Creamy and delicious, Viceré Sicily chocolates faithfully describe the places and the memory of the ancient Sicilian era.

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