Almond pastries

Sicilian Almond Pastries, excellence of Sicilian pastry, gluten-free.

The variety of Viceré Sicily‘s almond pastes with the typical fruits of our territory: almonds, pistachio, lemon and orange. This typical Sicilian dessert is the most representative product of the tastes and flavors of Sicily, a mastery officially recognized as a “traditional Sicilian food product” and among the traditional Italian food products.

Viceré Sicily‘s Almond Pastries are prepared as required by the ancient Sicilian recipe handed down to us by the cooks of the past, with an artisanal and pure processing of the primary product that allows you to savor the unique goodness of the fruits of the Etna, such as the almond , the precious pistachio and citrus fruits par excellency such as lemon and our gluten-free Sicilian oranges. These skills of Viceré pastry are enhanced when savored together with the well-known liquor, the Limoncello di Sicilia.


Discover the Hall of Wonders, our precious collection of exclusive Viceré items to revisit the unique vibes of sicilian noble halls.

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