The royal packs

Viceré Sicily’s packages represent my brand, the history and the quality of products. The elegance and unmistakable style of the Viceroys come to life in the envelopes and boxes. The gift boxes are made with care and originality, drawn by hand, to offer a distinctive trait to each gift. This is how the precious envelopes are born, true chests for delicious sweets and boxes that recall prestigious paintings of past eras, to preserve and gift the ancient flavors of Sicily.

Symbol of purity, angel babies, or Putti, are sweet and happy, representing one of the most ancient symbols of our land. Various allegoric depictions follow the trail led by the Putti, we find them in baroque paintings and we admire them in museums, in order to enrich the beauty of our history. Another powerful symbol that celebrates style and the Viceré Sicily firm.

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