The preciousness of rules

The Royal world of the Viceroys: meticulous care and love for details.
The noble splendor evoked in luxurious packaging and in our collection of glass flasks.

From the search by Viceré Sicily for a noble and refined era, we decided to enclose products in precious packaging and to create a collection of elegant and harmonious silk-screened glass ampoules. The Viceroy Sicily Symbology reinforces the historical concept of the time to which we pay homage with the typical decorative elements of the time, such as the cherubs, the leopard or the double ex voto present in precious boxes and flasks.

We also believe that the Viceré Sicily products are suitable for any occasion and are welcome gifts, thanks to the quality of its content, for the refinement and for the elegance of the packaging: treat yourself to the luxury of gift packages or gift them to your friends and family.

Discover the fresh delicacies of the Viceroys

Discover typical Sicilian products, almond pastes, martorana fruit and Sicilian citrus peel

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Try and taste the delicacies of the Sicilian noble tradition