Martorana fruit

The variegated Martorana fruit by Vicerè Sicily. The craftsmanship of the royal pasta or “Frutta Martorana”:
An excellent work of Sicilian confectionery craftsmanship.

The Martorana Fruit, which owes its name to the “Martorana” Church, near the Benedictine Monastery founded by Eloisa Martorana and located in the historic center of Palermo, was prepared and sold by the nuns since 1194 especially during the visit of the Holy Father. Pasta Reale or Frutta Martorana is one of the best known products derived from almond paste, a confectionery product of Arab influence; the almond, in fact, begins to be used in Sicilian pastry which today boasts about two hundred varieties of desserts. Viceré Sicily, always focused on the choice of its products, brings the tradition and history of its Martorana fruit with over forty types of Sicilian fruits, meticulously reproduced by hand as required by the ancient confectionery tradition of our land, without gluten and milk derivatives.

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