A tavola con i nobili siciliani

At the table with the Sicilian nobles

How aristocratic families of the Sicilian nobles set the table on special occasions

No one had to get bored at receptions, this was the basic rule that reigned among the Sicilian nobles in Sicily; gossip, tales and stories made anniversaries and evenings pleasant, together with the delicacies that adorned the tables and delighted the diners.

In most cases, ceremonies, weddings and anniversaries were held in refined palaces, the perfect backdrop for such important meetings.

In the era of the Kingdom in Sicily, Sicilian nobles set their tables with care and taste, and everything was carefully designed to make the presence of guests a pleasant experience.

Precious objects, such as gold cutlery and ceramic tableware, as well as finely embroidered tablecloths, were widely used. The great Sicilian artisan vocation has allowed precious artifacts to spread, often displayed in aristocratic homes.

The tradition of Sicilian ceramics dates back to the Neolithic period

The tradition of Sicilian ceramics, for example, is very ancient, in fact, the first traces date back to the Neolithic period. Although this art has been influenced by numerous dominations, the presence of clay on the island has favored the birth and processing of typically Sicilian ceramics. Original finely decorated bowls, plates, glasses and ampoules stood out on the Sicilian noble tables.

The Sicilian drawn work is the ancient embroidery and represents the other main artistic aspect of the aristocratic tables. The laces date back to the seventeenth century and take their name from the architectural forms of the towers in medieval palaces. Tablecloths and other embroidered artifacts had enormous diffusion from the sixteenth century thanks to the noble families and the clergy, who made great use of them to decorate the tables.

The art of embroidery performed only by women and with precious thread (often gold or silver) was handed down from generation to generation, and required time and patience; it found its maximum expression when tablecloths with different decorative motifs gave a touch of class and elegance to receptions.

Not only did the parties shine with beauty, they were also accompanied by music and elegant dances

Not only did the parties shine with beauty, they were also accompanied by music and elegant dances, all the guests dressed with accuracy and grace, with a place of honor dedicated to food and beverages, like Sicilian wines and desserts. Almond pastes, for example, can never be missing on Sicilian tables, in fact, the Sicilian nobles always offered them to their guests at the end of the meal.

The desserts, including cannoli and cassata, Martorana fruit, Biancomangiare, granite and biscuits still reflect the ancient Sicilian pastry tradition.

Viceré Sicily jealously guards the ancient recipes and chooses certified raw materials, coming from the territory, to achieve excellence. Passing on the ancient Sicilian tradition, it’s almost like we give a share of authentic Sicily.


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