Taormina - Un Viaggio Incantevole tra Arte, Storia e Fascino

Taormina: An Enchanting Journey through Art, History and Charm

Taormina: An Enchanting Journey through Art, History and Charm

Taormina, a true jewel among the pearls of Sicily, welcomes a steady flow of visitors each year eager to explore its timeless beauty. This unique destination, comparable to world-famous locations, is adored by poets and artists, making it a true piece of paradise for those who wish to immerse themselves in a blend of art, culture, breathtaking scenery and culinary delicacies.

Strategically located near the majestic Mount Etna, Taormina offers spectacular scenery, overlooking the cliffs of the Ionian coast, with easy access to the main attractions of eastern Sicily.

Discovering the Wonders of Taormina and its Surroundings

Isola Bella: A Unique Natural Refuge

Isola Bella, the undisputed symbol of Taormina, is not only a natural paradise but also a protected area. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean‘, this small green island can be reached on foot from the beach, connected by a strip of land that emerges or disappears with the tides. An open-air nature museum, Isola Bella offers a haven of lush vegetation.

The Greek Theatre: An Overlook on the History

The Greek Theatre, an architectural jewel of probable Hellenistic origins dating back to the third century B.C., dominates Taormina ‘s landscape. Originally Greek in style and later modified in Roman style, this theatre offers an incomparable scenic view of Mount Etna, the Ionian Sea and the surrounding coastline.

In addition to being an essential stop for art and history lovers, the theatre hosts vibrant summer cultural events, from plays to dance and film performances.

The exploration across Taormina continues as you encounter the magnificence of the Duomo, the history of Palazzo Corvaja, the serenity of the Villa Comunale, the bustling Corso Umberto and the picturesque Madonna Rocca Church.

As the sun sets, indulge in the luxury of choosing from a wide range of accommodation, from luxurious hotels on the coast to quiet bed and breakfasts in the heart of the historic centre. Taormina, with its extraordinary cultural richness and breathtaking views, offers an unforgettable journey through its history and culinary tradition. A Sicilian experience to be experienced to the full, amidst ancient theatres and spectacular views.


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