Taormina is one of the most lovely places in Sicily, not only for the natural beauty, for the breath-taking views but above all because it tells an ancient story that goes back a long way.

The most famous monument in Taormina is the Greek theater

The most famous monument of the city is the theatre built by the Greeks in the third century BC (later transformed by the Romans). The position of Taormina covers an area on two levels: on the upper side we find the historic centre which, through the square with terrace, overlooks the sea; on the lower side, reachable by cable car, there are enchanting beaches and a crystal-clear sea like few others. Even today, the city of Taormina is home to numerous demonstrations and events, and there are many VIPs who decide to stop in this marvellous place.

The public gardens are a clear reference to the typical landscaped gardens so common in the UK; a noble Scottish woman, Lady Florence Trevelyan Cacciola,  who lived here from the end of the nineteenth century, wanted a private park which later turned into public gardens. The noble married the mayor of the town and brought numerous varieties of flowers from each corner of the world to the city, with the aim of making her gardens even more precious.

The tourist who arrives in Taormina is literally spoilt for choice

The tourist who arrives in Taormina is literally spoilt for choice, a simple walk through the streets, often with stairs and beautiful views, can turn into a historical and artistic journey of great beauty. Palazzo Corvaja, for example, is a wonderful noble villa located in the centre of the city, right in the square that was once the ancient Roman forum and years before the agora of the Greek Tauromenion.

The Santo Stefano palace is a wonderful work of ancient Gothic art, which saw the proliferation of numerous artistic pieces in Sicily. Isola Bella, on the other hand, is an enchanting islet with rich vegetation, joined to the mainland by a strip of sand.

The most popular place is certainly the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea in IX Aprile square, which somewhat represents the heart of the town; there’s a huge number of pastry shops and cafes, where you can taste the delicacies of our land.

In Piazza del Duomo stands the city Cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicholas

In Piazza del Duomo stands the city Cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicholas, with its stone facade and the large tower, dating back to around 1400. Umberto I is the main street of the city, with two opposite points: Porta Messina and Porta Catania. There are numerous shops of souvenirs. The whole course is full of architectures that recall different themes and eras. From any point of the course it is possible to detour by taking one of an almost infinite number of alleys, where you get away from the crowd that runs along the main street.

Here you can find small shops and restaurants, offering local cuisine full of excellent and tasty traditional dishes. On the streets of Taormina, visitors and locals alike can enjoy the famous granitas with brioches, almond paste sweets shaped in different ways, and Sicilian cannoli with an unmistakable flavour.

The many restaurants of this marvellous corner of Sicily, will fascinate tourists, with flavours of one of the richest and oldest culinary traditions in the world. Dishes of Spanish, Arab, French and Norman origins have created true works of culinary art. The basic ingredients for desserts are cinnamon and honey for biscuits, ricotta cheese in cannoli and cassata cake. Here you can enjoy wonderful marzipan sweets, exquisite sorbets and granitas with flavours of fruit and coffee.

Our land keeps providing unforgettable experiences to those who pay a visit to it. It is exactly for the beauty of the landscape and for the goodness of its fruits, that Viceré Sicily keeps telling about Sicily, majestically offering smells and flavours of a distant past.


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