limoncello con limoni di sicilia

Limoncello: Sicily’s Recipe

Many are liquor lovers, but there’s one that puts everyone at peace.

The sweetness and the intense flavor of Sicily’s citrus makes Limoncello a beverage for all gourmands.

An alcoholic essence that lives strong in the island’s traditions, thanks to the quantity and quality of the lemons that the lands of Sicily produce every year. The recipe for Sicili’s Limoncello is based on the fermentation of the lemons’ zests from which the beloved liquor will be born, the same color as the sun.

Viceré Sicily produces a wonderful liquor following the traditional recipe which uses the following ingredients:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Lemon Zest Brew

The heart of the Limoncello recipe

The core of this great liquor are the lemon zests that, once finely cut, must be placed in a glass container in order to brew with the alcohol for 20 days, more or less.

After the brewing, we prepare a syrup made by melting sugar on a low flame.

After it cools down, the syrup will be merged with the brewand filtered, in order to remove the peels.

This classic sicilian recipe that makes the Limoncello one of the most famous liquors worldwide ends with letting everything rest in a place without moist.

Viceré Sicily brings to the table the historical taste of typical sicilian products, the true one, the taste made by traditions and old recipes like the one of the sweet and original sicilian limoncello.


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