I colori autunnali dei panorami siciliani

Sicilian landscapes in autumn colours

Sicilian landscapes in autumn colours

At the heart of this enchanting season, the Sicilian villages are decked out in autumn colours, creating a visual symphony that captures the imagination.

The leaves, with their shades of gold and red, become the brushes of art, painting picturesque landscapes. In this enchanting Sicily, autumn is a triumph of chromatism, paying homage to the beauty that caresses the soul. 

The landscape turns into a sumptuous palette in which the leaves dance with shades of gold, amber and ruby, creating an incomparable visual harmony.

The woods of Sicily, places of magic and mystery, are coloured red, yellow and orange, dancing to the rhythm of nature. Autumn brings with it scents that exalt the air, with notes of damp earth, wood and dry leaves that blend into an aromatic bouquet.

The Ficuzza natural reserve: just 40 kilometers from Palermo, this natural pearl extends over approximately 7,400 hectares and includes the majestic Busambra rocky mountain, the evocative Cappelliere woods and the enchanting Gorgo del Drago.

Autumn offers an extraordinary sensory experience, when the woods turn red, yellow and orange, creating a kaleidoscope of colours, sounds and scents.

A choreography of splendid villages at the beginning of autumn in Sicily

Mount Mufara: in the heart of the Madonie protected area, this winter resort offers walks through some of the most beautiful and accessible beech woods in Sicily. From a vibrant green during the summer season, the leaves then turn into different colours and transform the forest into a carpet of a thousand shades, ranging from red and orange to yellow.

The Tassita woods in the Nebrodi mountains: an enchanted forest at 1450 metres above sea level, where the yew tree, known as the Tree of Death, is definitely the protagonist. A moss-covered undergrowth surrounds the trunks and rocks, creating an atmosphere worthy of Irish legends.

The Bove valley on the Etna volcano: warm colours of autumn paint a carpet of leaves displaying a thousand colours, while the volcano dominates the horizon. The Bove valley, surrounded by beech, chestnut and hazelnut trees, offers a natural spectacle of rare beauty during the foliage.

Here the fall season is simply fantastic!


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