Infiorata di Noto

The 44th edition of the Infiorata of Noto

The 44th edition of the traditional Infiorata di Noto will be held from 19 to 23 May 2023

The 44th edition of the traditional Infiorata of Noto will be held from May 19th to 23rd in the baroque city in the province of Syracuse. Since 1980, this annual event transforms via Nicolaci di Noto into a long carpet of colorful flowers to welcome spring during the third week of May.
The theme of the Infiorata of Noto changes every uear, and for the 2023 edition “Noto è Cinema” is the theme chosen, where the floral masters will create 16 decorated sketches of scenes from movies and TV series shot in Noto and its territory, including the TV series “The White Lotus 2” and the blockbuster “Cyrano”.
During the week, the artists will draw their sketches with chalk on the allotted 7 x 4 meter floor space. The official inauguration of the Infiorata usually takes place on Friday, when the artists paint their designs in front of curious tourists and passers-by.
The artists work relentlessly on their flower carpet until it is finished, often until late at night or the next morning. From Saturday morning, the flower artistic creation is ready to be visited.

Tradition has it that the first square is intended for the coat of arms of the city

Traditionally, the first box is reserved for the city’s coat of arms, which this year will be made by the students of the “Matteo Raeli” art school in Noto. On Sunday, the Corteo Barocco parades through Noto’s downtown with about 200 people dressed in local costumes nobles were used to wear in the 18th century.
With a length of 122 meters and being 7 meters wide, Nicolaci street welcomes a flower carpet of about 700 square meters of colored surface with 400,000 flowers, mainly chrysanthemums, gerberas, carnations, daisies, roses and wild flowers typical of May.
The flower masters also use fennel, mastic, twigs, leaves and stems, bran, rice, peat, legumes, locust beans and black coffee tuff to enrich their compositions.
Last but not least, the three staircases that connect the lower and upper parts of Noto are decorated as true works of art, which can be visited until the next edition of the Infiorata of Noto.
Throughout the month of May, the city offers guests a rich program of cultural events and shows, culminating in the week before the Infiorata and up to the following week.


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