La Primavera dei fiori siciliani

The spring of Sicilian flowers

The spring of Sicilian flowers

A land rich in vegetation; this is Sicily, with its rare flowers, sometimes even spontaneous ones, especially during springtime and in some specific areas of the island. The landscape is unique and colourful, and many plants are an inseparable part of the territory. In spring, some areas of the island become green and full of a thousand shades, so much so that it is impossible to recognize all the species of flowers that fill the meadows. In the fields, fuchsia flowers like the Sulla can often be spotted. Violets, mallows, poppies and cyclamen announce the upcoming spring. There are also numerous sicilian flowers with ancient therapeutic properties; we are talking about the wild carnation, the ophrid orchid, the milk thistle, the fumaria muralis.

Some varieties of sicilian flowers are found only in restricted areas

Some varieties of sicilian flowers are found only in restricted areas; just to make an example, the broom grows on the slopes of the Etna volcano; Genista aetnensis is a broom that can reach ten meters in height. And with thin branches and a delicate shape of a small bush, Ginestra is able to transform the territory into a real theatrical stage.
The cornflower can be found in the Nebrodi mountains. At the same time, other types of flower like plumeria grow along the coasts of the island; they are blossom flowers with a white colouring, typical of citrus fruits and their original scent. Yellow sorrel is the name of a flower with a stem that has a lemon scent and flavour. This flower is used to make savoury salads.

the poppy returned to be cultivated in Sicily in the post-Middle Ages

Among the Sicilian spontaneous plants, we include the aromatic wild fennel, predominant along the coast. The Sicilian geranium has particular leaves of variable shape, while the poppies, which in Sicily are called Paparina, are used as an herbal tea against insomnia. With a cucuzzedda ru sonnu” (poppies indeed!), infusions can be prepared to make children fall asleep, but Paparina also has a thousand other properties. Always known as an opiate, the poppy, after a short suspension, returned to be cultivated in Sicily in the post-Middle Ages, thanks to the Arabs.

During springtime, Sicily becomes even greener and more colourful

During springtime, Sicily becomes even greener and more colourful, and the variety of typical flowers that characterize the landscape is enormous, many are even edible. The star clover grows in eastern Sicily, while the wild mountain garlic is born in the Aeolian Islands, the wild carnation in Filicudi. The Sicilian flora is immense, and the list is getting longer and longer; keeping on with the Calendula di Ragusa, the common Grespino, the Candelabra Aloe and the wild Iris.
Sicily means beauty and nature, but also ancient scents and flavours. In spring the island blooms, giving splendour and harmony. It is no coincidence that the products of this land (including sicilian flowers) are known and appreciated far and wide, and Viceré Sicily always takes great care to grasp their essence.


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