La tradizione del cioccolato di Modica

The Tradition of Modica Chocolate

The origins of Modica chocolate are quite ancient, and we must go back in time to the Aztec peoples, for whom chocolate was a medicine, a healthy nourishment and a symbol of a good social position.

At the beginning, the cocoa beans were roasted till obtaining a paste, which was then flavored with cinnamon, pepper or exotic flowers.

We also have to thank the Spaniards, because they started importing cocoa beans and distributing them; later, during the Hispanic domination in Sicily, cocoa was introduced in the County of Modica, the largest in the Kingdom of Sicily and also among the richest in history and art. Thanks to its baroque  elegance, in fact, this town located in the south east of Sicily has been included among the world heritage sites.

In keeping with tradition, here the processing of cocoa has always been of local craft production, and even today the ingredients are pure and genuine.

Modica chocolate has a completely different taste compared to other types of chocolate

Modica chocolate has a completely different taste compared to other types of chocolate, thanks to the quality of the raw materials and the method used by the pastry chefs.

Modica IGP dark chocolate, defined as extremely bitter, contains percentages of cocoa ranging from 50% to 75%, while the extra dark one contains between 75% and 85% to reach as much as 95% of cocoa content. If that’s not enough, for pure chocolate lovers, an over 95% cocoa content version is even available.

The success of this product owes a lot to the tradition and craftsmanship of an authentic method, and to the diffusion, in recent times, of a culture that increasingly appreciates local and quality raw materials. The cocoa beans come from Africa and America and the production process requires the paste to be softened to about 45 degrees. Cold processing gives the chocolate a compact and grainy texture.

Once again, Sicily offers top quality products, you can savour the flavour alone or combined with other ingredients in tasty desserts.

The Consortium of Protection brings together the manufacturing companies and in 2018 the Commission Implementing Regulation sanctioned the registration of Modica chocolate in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications.


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