I Frutti Canditi

Candied fruit

Sicily is worldly renowned for its delicate candied fruit.

The most requested candidate fruits are oranges, cedars, lemons (the rind is the part of them usually employed), cherries, apricots, mandarins, pears and even pumpkin (only the pulp).

The process of drenching the fruit in syrup comes from distant Mesopotamia and China, but it was once again the Arabs who brought this technique to Sicily.

Indeed, Arabs were used to serving roses and candied citrus fruit during holidays; merchants also contributed to the spread of candied fruit across Italy, since they spotted a business opportunity in it, always traveling in search of new products and techniques to import.

Candied fruit is mostly used both as a decorative element for cakes and biscuits

Candied fruit is mostly used both as a decorative element for cakes and biscuits, but in many Sicilian desserts some types of candied fruit also represent the basis for delicacies arising from ancient traditions. The use of fine citrus fruits that grow on the slopes of Etna, with a soil rich in healthy substances, are the essential ingredients for making these delicacies.

Vicerè Sicily, with its ancient recipe, uses candied fruit to enrich and delight every table and make these precious fruits the sweet prince of every royal lunch


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