Favignana, un'isola da sogno

Favignana, a dream island

Being part of an archipelago located in the western part of Sicily, the Egadi islands are Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, the islet of Formica and the rock of Maraone.

Favignana is the richest island in natural beauty

Favignana is probably the richest island in natural beauty, numerous species of birds and plants with significant medicinal properties.

The island has the shape of a butterfly and is considered the pearl of the Egadi Islands, and that is exactly because there is a natural landscape that amazes every visitor who decides to stop over.

There are numerous coves and beaches with a sea whose transparency leaves you breathless.

The beaches of Favignana are the maximum expression of the beauty of this island. Carved into the tuff and boasting a spectacular sea, the best known is Cala Rossa. It is said that its name comes from the blood shed by the Punic soldiers, in the battle against the Romans.

Cala Azzurra, on the other hand, is a beach with beautiful sand, while Cala Rotonda is surrounded by stones and rocks. Here the Arch of Ulysses can be admired by tourists; it is a stone arch smoothed by time and by the action of the sea.

To find the finest white sand, you have to move in front of the port, where there is the only equipped beach on the island.

The Favignana trap is an industrial archaeological find

The Favignana trap, on the other hand, is an industrial archaeological find, linked to the traditional tuna fishing activity, which has characterized the life of this island for years. Closed over a long period of time, this tuna fishery can be now visited with a tour, which will guide the visitor through the discovery of boats and nets of the past.

This island too is full of delicious food to taste, and Vicerè Sicily accompanies tradition as the emblem of a noble land rich in beauty.


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