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Gift Boxes are born from deep religious roots

Every year, millions of people exchange gifts in keeping with a tradition that has been going on for centuries and that has deep religious roots.
The traditional exchange of gifts was born with the coming of Christ, and reference is made to the Three Wise Men that brought gold, incense and myrrh into the cave of Bethlehem. A gift package is designed to mark that event, and the tradition handed down up to the present day finds its highest expression in a gift box containing a wealth of typical specialties of our land.
Sicilian Christmas tradition coincides with a sophisticated food tradition that, thanks in part to aristocracy, was handed down through the centuries. The meals used by the noble to enrich Christmas tables are tied to typical ingredients such as fish, desserts and biscuits, fried sweet specialties and almond paste in the shape of beautiful fruits, or scacciate (a particular version of savoury tart).

Christmas gifts are represented by a box with a gift

Furthermore, the typical noble Christmas tradition included red wine from Etna mount, dried fruit, ricotta cheese, Sicilian pecorino cheese. However, the main role was actually played by the typical cassata cake, cannoli and torrone, the local nougat.
Historically, Christmas presents are represented by a gift within a box. In the Sicilian aristocratic society, the Christmas gift was considered a very important event, because not only did it represent the religious sentiment, but also the connection to customs and legends of a social nature.
Sicilian nobles were particularly keen on organizing parties for each and every occasion, including the Christmas festivities of course, and in their luxurious palaces dinners and lunches were pleasant moments to share, along with the joy of being together.

Gift boxes, expression of a long tradition

Sicily includes a long list of fine food specialties, and the gift package with Sicilian products is an expression of a long tradition, conceived in the past by aristocracy.
The gift boxes with typical sweets, delicacies from a long tradition of quality, are a great present for Christmas. With a style typical of Sicilian aesthetic taste, the gift box represents the ideal present from a land rich in history and unique flavours.


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