Infiorata of Noto

The history of Sicily spans over centuries and their traditions; Noto is a town in the province of Syracuse, whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to its Baroque-style architecture, to such an extent that the international organization of the Council of Europe has defined it as the “Capital of Baroque”.

The city was founded in 1703 and the aristocracy of the time wanted to build its sumptuous palaces in the main streets, following the Baroque style. The best architects, carvers and artists worked to build the splendid city of Noto, so much
so that today its cultural heritage is one of the finest in Italy.

The infiorata of Noto has a different theme every year

Noto is not only art and culture, but also deep traditions, such as the Infiorata, which takes place on the third Sunday in May. Each year the Noto flower show has a different theme, linked to religion and also to details of other cultures, such as the ones from the Principality of Monaco or Japan.

This wonderful event takes place over a weekend, but preparations last a whole year. Hundreds of volunteers participate in the preparations, alongside the master florists, who every year surpass themselves in increasingly original artistic creations. The infiorata of Noto is an explosion of colors to the delight of visitors, who flock to the town every year, on the occasion of one of the most famous events in Italy.

Noto’s aristocracy here created a fabulous reality

Noto’s aristocracy here has created a fabulous reality, embodying the noble values that Viceré Sicily has always pursued: in fact, together with the city, grandiose artistic sets were born. Among the wide and spacious streets, the visitor can admire the beauty of the Royal Gate, the Bishop’s Palace and the Modica Palace, the Cathedral of San Nicolò, the fountain of Hercules, the embroidery and carvings of the balconies.

Val di Noto was occupied by the militias of the Kingdom of Sicily from the Norman period until the early nineteenth century. The entire area, which also includes the city of Avola, is a blessed land, thanks to its proximity to the sea and the production of high quality specialties such as fine wines, Modica chocolate, Pistachios and Almonds, essential products in Sicilian confectionery preparations.


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