Alla scoperta delle più belle spiagge siciliane

Quest for the Best Sicilian Beaches

Sicilian beaches are very different from each other

Sicilian beaches are very different from each other, and this heterogeneity depends on a number of factors; some of them (which are located in hidden areas) present very fine sand and rocks uniquely set in the middle of the sea.

Others are characterized by stones and almost wild and uncontaminated territory, such as in San Vito Lo Capo, where rosemary bushes and small palm trees give the idea of a primitive landscape. Here nature is made unique by wild plants and the opportunity to walk along beautiful paths, admiring the seabed and the wonderful white sand.

the Beach of the Rabbits

Sicily is undoubtedly the go-to place for nature lovers. For the ones wishing to enjoy the sea in all its forms, another great spot to visit is the Beach of the Rabbits, a true piece of heaven located in Lampedusa.

In 2013 the beach was elected as the most beautiful in the world. Sometimes, the nearby Island of Rabbits rejoins Lampedusa through a strip of sand created by the waves. The beach is the destination of loggerhead sea turtles, which lay their eggs here.

It would be almost impossible to get a full list of all the Sicilian beaches that present unique characteristics

Located in the province of Agrigento, originally an ancient landing place for Arabs, the Scala dei Turchi is a beach formed by rock.
In Noto we find the beach of Calamosche, characterized by sand on one side and large rocks on the other side.
It would be almost impossible to get a full list of all the Sicilian beaches that present unique characteristics. Let us take the example of the Pomice beach located on the island of Lipari; formerly a pumice stone quarry, the beach shows a particular colour gradient on its seabed that changes according to tides.

For the creation of its delicious products, Viceré Sicily plunges into these wonderful places and lets you live the story behind each ingredient.


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