Duomo di Catania città delle rame di Napoli

Rame di Napoli, a typical dessert from Catania

The Rame di Napoli are chocolate biscuits from Catania

Made with a spicy and soft dough on their inside, the Rame di Napoli are chocolate biscuits from Catania. A delicious dessert for superfine palates, they are covered with chopped pistachios and chocolate glaze. The classic recipe is supposed to include flour, sugar, orange marmalade and bitter cocoa as ingredients.

The origins of the Rame di Napoli date back to the nineteenth century, when they were prepared for the celebration on All Souls’ Day. The legends concerning the name are different; some think of a Neapolitan pastry chef or maybe someone whose surname was Napoli (Naples). According to another thesis, a pastry chef from Catania may have wanted to give his personal tribute to a new copper coin (the term rame means copper in Italian) introduced after the union of the Kingdom of Naples with the Kingdom of Sicily.

The recipe for these Catania biscuits has undergone numerous reinterpretations over the years, while retaining at the same time the traditional basic ingredients, without distorting their essence. In some cases, pistachio was added to the dough, resulting in a real delight. The experience of Sicilian pastry chefs makes these biscuits unique in all their variations, with a soft heart that enhances the refined taste of pistachio.

The Rame di Napoli stuffed with jam, nutella or pistachio cream

The Rame di Napoli are perhaps the utmost creative expression of the taste of true Sicilian pastry chefs, typically stuffed with jam, Nutella or pistachio cream. The most famous writer in Catania, Giovanni Verga, mentions these sweet biscuits also in the novel Sparrow: The Story of a Songbird and binds them to the nuns of the Badia of Santa Chiara in Catania.

The city that gave birth to these delicious biscuits is one of the capitals of Sicilian taste and cuisine known throughout the world; the Rame di Napoli are easy-to-make sweets and at the same time they are rich in tradition and creativity, that is why Viceré Sicily jealously preserves the recipe of his Monsú to let you enjoy this incredible biscuit.


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