Rosolio: story and tradition of a liquor from the past

In the luxurious manors of the noble viceroys that ruled the island, took place many dinners and dances. Every wunderkrammer was rich with paintings and sculptures that were a real sight to behold.

Among the various areas, the dinner room was extremely important, because that’s where the viceroy gifted luxurious dinners and showed all the prestige of their dinner table. The table was adorned with elegance and full of a variety of traditional sicilian tastes. From the first servings to the cakes, passing through the freshest ingredients and the most refined Sicilian fruits.

And after the diners were able to appreciate the tastes and deli of the tables it was time for the meal.

The perfect liquor to taste after your meal

It was necessary to find a refined liquor to accompany the conversation after eating: Rosolio.

Rosolio was considered to be a beverage for good fortune, an after-dinner drink completely handmade with alcohol and rose petals; in Sicily fro the XVI century onward has been created various kinds of rosolio, even with citrus and cinnamon.

Cinnamon Rosolio is a delicate liquor, sweet and perfectly flavored, to which the cinnamon adds that definite and charming taste.

The recipe for Sicilian Cinnamon Rosolio

Water, sugar and cinnamon: few ingredients to mix with patience and care.

Rosolio is born along the rose essence, since it was produced as a brew of water, sugar, alcohol and rose petals, but in the cinnamon liquor variant, beloved by many of our customers, the recipe is as follows:

  • Mix minced cinnamon and alcohol to create the brew
  • Let it rest for three weeks
  • Prepare the syrup with water and sugar
  • Mix the syrup and the brew
  • Before drinking our liquor, let it rest for 20 days in order for it to get the best texture and taste

The traditions of sicilian Monzù are the essence of the island, full of history and culture, with deep traditions, typical of such a rich and generous land.


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