La Pasqua dei Viceré di Sicilia

The Easter of the Viceroys of Sicily

The Easter of the Viceroys of Sicily

Easter was eagerly awaited by the viceroys of Sicily. It was a way for noble families to pay homage to the Christian tradition, of which they were fervent custodians, and to show off magnificence and luxury, organizing great events in their houses, meticulously decorated to mark the occasion.
In particular, the luxury of the Easter lifestyle of the viceroys began during the Holy Week and ended with the Sunday Easter Luncheon, where the table was enriched with delicious dishes served on ceramic plates from Caltagirone, and finely decorated even with gold decorations. In the period before Easter, the viceroys of Sicily did not forget their Spanish and Catholic origins: for this reason the most influential families actively participated in the planning of the sacred processions, trying to accompany them with music and sacred songs, culminating in feasts and games for the entire population, and ultimately distributing gifts to them, kindly offered by the nobles and other dynasties or families with which they had social or political relations.

The Easter lunch of the viceroys of Sicily

The Easter lunch of the viceroys of Sicily was the highlight of the celebration: the rulers involved the whole court and the closest nobles in the banquet, and delighted their palates with surprising flavors on dishes that alternated meat, fish, vegetables and ended with delicious desserts made with unique and precious locally grown ingredients. The Easter table of the viceroys conveyed the magnificence and opulence of the rulers of the island. The large tables in March, refined for the occasion, were laden with precious silverware and glassware and delicious dishes such as fried cod, baked macaroni, roast lamb and ricotta pancakes, accompanied by fine local wines usually not available on the rest of the year. The greatness of the viceroys of Sicily, however, was especially made clear in the creation of Easter sweets: at the end of the meal, the hosts used to delight their guests with almond paste, of which Viceré Sicily enriches the table, presenting recipes of the past, to savor the noble Sicilian tradition even today.


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