la Mandorla Pizzuta di Avola

The pizzuta almond of Avola

Not far from Val di Noto, stands Avola, a town rich in history and culture; there are many monuments with a strong artistic and religious value. Here, the wonderful waters of the Ionian Sea bathe the coast of a land that still preserves the treasures of the Baroque era. The climate mitigated by the sea and the low hills favors many crops, including lemons and almonds from Avola. Here the famous Nero d’Avola is produced, one of the most precious wines ever and appreciated all over the world.

The pizzuta almond of Avola is in high demand by master pastries

The Pizzuta (pointy) almond from Avola is very sweet and highly sought after by pastry chefs, above all for the making of sugared almonds. The flowering of this ancient Sicilian specialty begins in January, in the middle of winter, and reaches maturity between July and the beginning of August. The Pizzuta almond has a flattened shape and a leather red color, is a variety of the Avola almond, and is used in high quality pastry. The Avola almond, in addition to containing numerous properties, is also suitable for dietary use.

Ancient flavors and specialities from ancient Sicily

Behind a very high quality product, however, there is constant work, which involves a very long production process, ranging from flowering to harvesting, from hulling, drying in the sun, separation of the shells and manual selection; effort and passion, in short, for a product that is the basis of the tasty almond pastes, proposed by Viceré Sicily, as ancient flavors and specialties of ancient Sicily.

In addition to the ancient residences of the nobility of the period of the Kingdom, many traditions continue to exist and to be carried forward with passion in the town of Avola, such as the products, which are an indispensable element of the Sicilian culinary heritage. The Pizzuta almond of Avola, enters by right, in the realization of all our handcrafted products, where culture, tradition and passion remain, intertwined with a double thread. Once again Viceré Sicily becomes an ambassador of high quality and the Sicilian aristocratic tradition.


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