I Frutti Siciliani

The Sicilian Fruits

Sicily is rich in healthy fruits, which grow genuine thanks to the climate, the almost perennial sun in this part of the world and also thanks to the characteristics of the soil.
In the central part of the island, the soil is partly hilly, but also clayey and chalky, factors that make it rich in minerals. For this reason and also for many others, Sicily is a paradise of biodiversity, in fact, alongside traditional Sicilian fruits, today this wonderful land allows the flourishing of new cultures, especially tropical ones.

Ancient Sicilian fruits

There are many traditional Sicilian fruits, the most famous are the apricot of Scillato, the cherries of Etna, the blood oranges IGP, the strawberries, the late mandarin of Ciaculli, the peaches of Leonforte, the prickly pears.

The Sbergia peach grows in the Niceto Valley. It has a small round shape, with a smooth skin and a very soft pulp. The plums of Monreale are very small and yellow in colour, they contain important natural elements such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus.
Obviously, many fruits are seasonal, such as the yellow melon, which is harvested only in summer. Watermelon is another summer fruit, and is one of the traditional Sicilian products included in the list of Traditional Agri-food Products (P.A.T: Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali).

Many “historical” Sicilian fruits are still cultivated

Many people think that some Sicilian fruits are destined to become extinct, due to automation and climate change.
Fortunately, in some corners of Sicily, many “historical” Sicilian fruits are still cultivated, thanks to the commitment of entrepreneurs and farms, determined to carry on the typicality of the crops that have made the history of the island.
Another aspect that should not be underestimated is climate change, which on an island very close to the African continent, and with very high temperatures compared to the rest of the peninsula, can have surprising effects.

in Sicily the cultivation of tropical fruit has doubled

In fact, precisely due to climatic changes, in Sicily, in particular (but also in other parts of the country), the cultivation of tropical fruit has doubled.
In fact, for example, in the province of Palermo and in the area from Messina to Milazzo, Mango crops were grown, so much so that, in a short time, Sicily was named the Queen of Mango.
However, not only mangoes, avocado plantations have also sprung up in Sicily, thanks to the favourable conditions of the island: excellent exposure, high temperatures, soil characteristics and abundance of available water.
Our Sicily continues to change, except for the respect of a tradition, a symbol of our history.
Viceré Sicily for decades has intercepted and interpreted the style, taste and innovation of our land, offering its customers genuine products, the result of an ancient attitude to the only possible choice, that is QUALITY.


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