La scala dei Turchi di Agrigento

Turkish Staircase of Agrigento

Saracen pirates, mistakenly identified with Turks, in ancient times landed on the Sicilian coasts to plunder nearby villages. From that story we inherit a work of natural art, the Turkish Staircase, shaped by time, wind and sea, the usual elements of this beautiful island.
Thanks to its position overlooking the sea and without heavy winds, the Turkish Staircase was a safe haven for populations of Arab origin.
The Staircase is of marl, a clayey and calcareous sedimentary rock, with a characteristic pure white color.

the valley of the temples and the Turkish Staircase are besieged by thousands of tourists from all over the world

It is located in the Valley of the Temples, in Realmonte close to Agrigento, and looks like a huge natural staircase.
Smoothed by time, this rock glistens thanks to the combined action of salt and sunset, offering visitors a unique view on Earth: it shows itself in pink, violet and red.
For some years the Valley of the Temples and the Staircase have been besieged by thousands of tourists from different parts of the world, not only due to the intrinsic breathtaking beauty, but also because it had been chosen as the set of some famous films such as Malena and the Inspector Montalbano saga.
Not far from this unspoiled place, tourists can participate in all kinds of events, shows and concerts in the Costabianca theater in Realmonte. Obviously, those who visit these places, after excursions and walks in the sun, will be able to appreciate even more the typical cuisine of Agrigento and above all the desserts it includes.
The Valley of the Temples in 1997 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The specialties of this area are the desserts made with local ingredients

The agricultural landscape is made up of centuries-old olive trees and almond trees. In fact, one of the most important events is the Almond Blossom Festival, which takes place in winter.
The specialties of this area are sweets made with local ingredients: pistachios, almonds, ricotta, figs, oranges and lemons.
The Sicilian “cialdoni” waffles are particular glazed shortcrust pastry cannoli shells, filled with sheep’s milk ricotta or cream, the Raffadali pistachio desserts are made with the unique pistachio variety, produced only here.
Racalmuto taralli are soft biscuits, covered with a glaze of sugar and lemon peel, much appreciated by the writer Leonardo Sciascia and the fictional character of Inspector Montalbano. Visitors can also enjoy sweet pistachio couscous, cubaita, a nougat with almonds and curly almond biscuits.
There are many reasons to visit the Turkish Staircase, and some of them may also whet your appetite.


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